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Лого на приложението CoronaMelder

I use an Android phone. Why do my location settings need to be switched on?

If you use an Android phone, you may need to turn on location data in order to use the CoronaMelder app. This will only be the case if you are using version of Android lower than 11. With Android version 11 or higher, location settings do not have to be turned on in order to use CoronaMelder.

The CoronaMelder app can never access your location:

The CoronaMelder app uses Bluetooth, but only to find out if you are close to another person who is using the app. The app uses a special type of Bluetooth, called Bluetooth Low Energy. That is a different technology from the Bluetooth that is used for wireless headphones, for example. Bluetooth Low Energy was chosen because it consumes less energy.

The app can only use Bluetooth Low Energy if the location settings are on. This is why your phone will ask you to turn on your location settings when you activate CoronaMelder. But the app never knows where you are.

You can check for yourself that your location is not being logged by looking in the location settings on your phone. The method for doing this will depend on which model of phone you have.

The above only applies to Android devices, not to iPhones.