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Лого на приложението CoronaMelder

Как се защитават моите лични данни?

Приложението обменя произволни кодове с други телефони. В тези кодове не се съдържат лични данни или данни за местонахождението ти. Така че приложението не знае кой си, нито къде си бил.

Дори ако се заразиш с коронавирус и уведомиш за това чрез приложението, това няма да се обвърже с твоето име и данните ти за контакт. Освен това използваш приложението напълно доброволно.

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CoronaMelder - Your privacy

The CoronaMelder app sends you a notification if you have been near someone who later tests positive for coronavirus. But does the app always know where you are? No. The app does not know where you are, or who you are. This is how it works: when your phone is near another phone that has the app, the phones exchange a random code using bluetooth. The app remembers those codes… but it doesn’t know which phones they came from… or where you were. The app only knows if you were close to another phone that also had the app, and on which day it was. So if you receive a notification, it won’t tell you who it came from. And if you test positive for the virus yourself, you can choose whether to add your coronavirus status to the app together with the GGD, the Regional Public Health authority in the Netherlands. Downloading the app is voluntary at all times. We can only get coronavirus under control together More information? Visit CoronaMelder.nl