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How will the CoronaMelder app help to stop coronavirus?

The CoronaMelder app helps the Municipal Health Service (GGD) in its contract tracing work. The app will warn you that you may have been infected. That way, you can avoid spreading the virus to other people.

Have you been near someone who later tested positive for coronavirus? And does that person add their positive status to the app? You will then get a notification from the app. Don’t panic – this does not automatically mean that you have coronavirus too. It does mean that you could have been infected.

The notification from your app will tell you exactly what to do. Also read: What should I do if I get a notification?

CoronaMelder is linked to the corona apps used in other EU countries. For example, this makes it possible to warn people who live close to the border, or people visiting the Netherlands because they live here, work here, or are visiting the Netherlands for a holiday or shopping trip.

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