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How does the app work?

The CoronaMelder app sends you a notification if you have been near a person who has tested positive for coronavirus, for 15 minutes. But only if that person is also using the app. This allows you to take action quickly, for example get tested for coronavirus and stay at home. That way, you can avoid spreading the virus to other people.

This is how the CoronaMelder app works:

  1. The app detects via Bluetooth whether you have been near to someone who is also using the app.
  2. The stronger the Bluetooth signal, the closer you were. This way, the app can see whether you were within 1.5 metres from that person.
  3. The app does not have any data on your location, name, e-mail address, phone number or other personal details. The app does not know who you or the other person are, or where you are.
  4. If you have been near an infected person who uses the app, you will get a notification from the app later on.
  5. If you test positive for coronavirus yourself, you can add this information to the app. The app will then warn other app users you have been near to.

The notification will only tell them the day on which they were near an infected person. It does not tell them who that person was or where they were at the time.

Please note: as of December 19, the Netherlands is in lockdown. There are locations that are still open. Continue to use CoronaMelder to prevent further spread of the virus.

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