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What is the best way for pupils to use CoronaMelder?

Pupils need to stay 1.5 metres from each other while they are at school. During lessons, they often leave their mobile phone in a locker or another central location. In these situations, we recommend using the pause function in the CoronaMelder app.

See ‘Can I pause the app while I am at school, at work or exercising?’ for instructions

As soon as the pupils are carrying their phone with them again after lessons, they can turn CoronaMelder back on again. School staff members are advised to carry their phone with them at all times if they are using the CoronaMelder app.

Also see: What should I do if I get a notification?

If you are a pupil and you receive a notification from CoronaMelder, you should quarantine and get yourself tested. You should do the same if you have any symptoms or if the GGD advises you to do so.