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Will the CoronaMelder app work on my phone?

The app works on 98% of all phones.

Android: The CoronaMelder app works on most Android phones running version 6 or higher.

iPhone: Until recently, CoronaMelder only worked on Apple iPhones running the operating system iOS 13.5 or higher. It is possible to install iOS 13.5 on the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and all newer models. Good news:, since 25 February, the CoronaMelder app has also been available on Apple iPhone 5S and 6. To install the CoronaMelder app, you need to update your iPhone 5S or 6 to the iOS 12.5 operating system.

Apple and Google have both adapted their operating systems so that CoronaMelder can work using Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that the CoronaMelder app does not consume much energy.