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Does CoronaMelder also work with corona apps from other countries?

Yes, the CoronaMelder app exchanges codes with apps from a number of other European countries. This is done in the same way as between two users of the CoronaMelder app who have been near to each other. If one of you tests positive and reports this in the app, the other person will get a notification.

From 30 November 2021, the CoronaMelder app will work with the coronavirus apps from:

You can come across a foreign user of a coronavirus app in the Netherlands, for example if you meet a German who is travelling here. You can also come cross another traveller abroad, for example if you are travelling to Germany or if you meet a German person in Denmark. If the foreign user later tests positive for the coronavirus and decides to report this in the app, you will get a notification from the CoronaMelder app, and vice versa. The link to apps from other countries is useful for people who live and/or work in border regions and when you go on holiday.

Reporting via the Dutch CoronaMelder app only works if you test positive with the Dutch Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) or with Dutch test providers. If you take a coronavirus test abroad and test positive, you cannot report this via the CoronaMelder app.

When you are abroad, your phone will regularly exchange data with coronavirus apps from other countries. As a result, the data traffic through the CoronaMelder app will increase. You can avoid incurring extra costs by adjusting the settings, so that data are only sent and retrieved when you are connected to Wi-Fi. No data will be lost; the app will simply exchange data at a later point in time.

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