Siglă aplicația CoronaMelder

Cum funcționează aplicația?

Aplicația vă trimite un mesaj dacă ați fost un timp în apropierea unei persoane care este infectată cu coronavirus. În acest fel, nu veți infecta cu acest virus, în mod involuntar, alte persoane.

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CoronaMelder - How does the app work

CoronaMelder. The app that helps you to avoid unknowingly infecting other people. How does it work? After you downloading it, the app exchanges codes with other phones that are nearby. The app generates codes for every phone. These codes are random and change several times per hour. If you are near to someone else - for longer than 15 minutes - who also has the app, your phones will exchange codes using bluetooth. But not if someone cycles past you in the street… only if you are near to each other for more than 15 minutes. CoronaMelder collects these codes in the app. Codes older than 14 days are deleted automatically. So CoronaMelder has a list of random codes from other users who have been near to you in the past two weeks. But when and how do you receive a notification? Let’s imagine that a week after you went out, another app user – let’s call him Max – tests positive for coronavirus. Together with the GGD, the Regional Public Health authority in the Netherlands, Max can add his coronavirus status to the app. There is a special GGD key in the app. Max passes this key on to the GGD health worker. The GGD health worker enters the key. Now Max can activate the list of codes on his phone. The app users belonging to those codes – including you! – will then get a notification. What’s in the notification? And what should you do next? The notification tells you which day you came near to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. It does not say who that person was, or where it happened. If you get a notification, it means there’s a chance that you also have coronavirus. The app will tell you what you can do next and whether you should get tested. In this way, new infections can be discovered faster, which helps you to avoid spreading coronavirus to others. Downloading the app is voluntary at all times. We can only get coronavirus under control - together. More information? Visit