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What technology does the app use?

  1. The app generates a unique code for each phone This code does not contain any information about you or your phone. The code is random and changes every 15 minutes.

  2. Phones share these codes when they are close enough to each other If someone around you also has the app installed, your phones will share codes using Bluetooth Low Energy. This enables the app to know which phones have been nearby. The app does not know who owns the phones, or where you were at the time.

  3. If an app user tests positive for coronavirus, that person can upload his/her codes to a server The server only stores the codes of infected people. To add the codes to the server, the user needs to provide a GGD key to the GGD.

The GGD key ensures that the codes added to the server really do belong to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. All codes older than 14 days are deleted from the server automatically.

  1. Every phone checks whether it has been near to infected people by checking the codes on the server The app will contact the server to check for the codes of infected persons several times a day. It compares the server codes with the codes that are stored on your phone. You will get a notification if there is a risk that you have been exposed to the virus.

  2. You will be alerted if codes from an infected person are on your phone. The notification will tell you when you were near the infected person. It will not tell you who that person was or where you were near them. The app will also advise you what to do next. Your own codes will not be uploaded to the server, but they will be stored on your phone for next 14 days.